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Informed Consent

Please read prior to taking the survey.

Title of Research: Cuckquean Survey

Investigator: Caroline Lee - unaffiliated with any university

1. Introduction and purpose of study:

While there has been research conducted on the experience of the cuckold, there currently is no research on the female counterpart, the cuckquean. The purpose of this study is to begin to fill in that gap and generate demographic data and experiential information related to the cuckquean's experience. This data could potentially help to educate others, particularly mental health clinicians  ,  and decrease biases or stigmas around this particular kink.

2. Description of the Research

Participants will voluntarily elect to fill out the survey on the website. Information gathered in the survey includes both demographic data (i.e. age and geographic location) and experiential data (i.e. how often do you engage in this kink). Survey participants are also asked if they would be willing to be interviewed by the researcher to gather more qualitative data. 

3. Subject Participation

Participants must identify as a cuckquean - a female that derives pleasure from her male partner engaging in sexual play with other partners. 

4. Potential Risks and Discomfort

Participants may experience some discomfort in filling out the survey and/or participating in the interview due to the current stigmatization of kinks. Participants are asked to reach out to a local mental health care clinician if they experience any distress. Participants may also request that the researcher delete their survey/interview responses and not include that data. No other risks are known at this time.

5. Potential Benefits

Participants may experience a sense of pride in assisting a process of destigmatizing a kink they identify with. Participants may also experience a sense of community knowing that there are more individuals who participate in this kink.

6. Confidentiality

Responses are anonymous in the survey. No personal identification is being requested in this study beyond contact information for those who want to be interviewed. All personal identification, including contact information for interviewees, will not be shared as part of the public data. Public data will include quantitative reporting of information from the whole participation pool and quotes provided by participants. Quotes provided by participants will not reference any names or personal identification.

7.  Compensation

Participants will not be compensated for participating in this study.

8. Voluntary Participation

Your decision to participate in this study is completely voluntary. You may elect to not participate at any time.

9. Withdrawal

If you decide to withdraw from this study, you may do so at anytime without penalty. 

If you have any questions, please email
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